Friday, September 7, 2018

Check out our new MathTappers: FindAngle app.

We are pleased to announce our ninth MathTappers app  

 MathTappers: FindAngle! 

An app to help you build your angle estimation skills.

This app was developed in collaboration with a student after he chose to create an app for Tim's Interactive Multimedia course.  We provided him with a design for a simple learning app, and he was able to build a nice working prototype in just a few weeks. 

After the course was done we contracted with him to refine the app to match our other MathTappers apps and publish the app on both the Google Play store (for Android) and the  iOS App store (see the links on the right) - and today the app is  live on both of these stores.

Now he is joining us as a co-author as we write a paper about the development process used.

Note that we just recently surpassed 5,000,000 downloads on all of our MathTappers apps, and they are all still free, ad free, and up-sell free