MultiMatch Decks

Some MathTappers:MultiMatch decks 
(for your iPad):

Here are some additional decks that we have created to share.  Clicking on the deck while in a browser on your iPad will download it.  Then open it in the MathTappers:MultiMatch app (you may need to select 'open in' and choose 'MathTappers:MultiMatch').

Colorful Things deck

Triangles deck

Clock Match deck





Recognize Fractions

Subitize 4-10

When a child is working with these decks, you might ask them to explain what they are doing, ask them about their strategies, or ask them how they might improve the decks. Then if they are interested, you might download and edit/remix a deck, add in a note explaining your change and send it back to us. Note that you can create your own deck files too!

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