Friday, June 22, 2012

Sharing strategies - learning with MathTappers at ISTE

We are heading out to ISTE this coming week.  We have a few opportunities to share our MathTapper apps and some strategies that we have collected as we have used them in the classroom.  

Our main presentation is:

Ten Strategies for Effective Use of iPods in Math Class
Wednesday, 6/27/2012, 10:15am–11:15am, SDCC 30CD - but it is sold out

We will post a summary of our strategies after the presentation - for now please download our apps, so that you are prepared.  Just search for Mathtappers on iTunes.  (Note that they are all free and have no ads or in-app purchases!)

We will also be presenting at:

SIGGS Games and Simulations Arcade
Monday, 6/25/2012, 8:00am–12:00pm,  SDCC Sails Pavilion

MathTappers: Apps for iOS Devices
Tuesday, 6/26/2012, 1:00pm–3:00pm,  SDCC Halls DE Lobby , Table: 18

SIGML Mobile Learning Playground
Wednesday, 6/27/2012, 9:00am–10:00am,  SDCC Sails Pavilion

We have had a lot of fantastic feedback when we meet folks who are using our apps -and we appreciate it!  If you want to give them a boost - please rate them for us.


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